“Look at all the leaves in the fire, they are burning all in your mind (it is)
All in your mind”……

Have u ever wondered  how some of the the things that  plague us especially in our personal lives are really nothing but figments of our own imaginations….we probably conceived those issues, nurtured and groomed them to the point where they are even bigger than us and seem like they cant be redeemed or salvaged. The most uncanny thing is that all these happen IN OUR MINDS. These issues may not even be as bogus but we escalate them and make them seem that way IN OUR MINDS…… You have to let go!!live!! truly live… Life is really what we make it…Its until we get hold of these little simple truths and let them sink, that we experience what true freedom really is…Now I don’t know about you but i want to discover and revel in it and I’d like to think am on my way to doing so*winks* Are you???


About theivyo

A phenomenal woman.

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