I’m BACK!!i think….

So i havent been on here since i opened this blog…why u may ask??beats me too…the whole essence and point of having a blog is to be able to write about stuff, share your thoughts about this et that, basically bare  all yea?but for some reasons its kinda difficult for me…maybe if i stopped taking it serious like some JAMB exam!!it wont be so bad u know??*sighs*i need some inspiration of some sorts, i wish a light bulb would come on in my head, then i would probably eat the bulb it self just as depicted in cartoons(Tom&Jerry to be precise)…LOL!!

But come to think of it really, why cant life be as easy and not so complicated as it seems in cartoons..In cartoons what you see is what you get. The bad guy is the bad guy, no need sneaking around trying to be the hero and turn out to be worse than lucifer… I mean its far more easier to live in that kind of world than in real life..don t get me wrong, am not some out of touch, unrealistic weirdo who always seems to be in her own cocoon of self-banishment(even though most people around me think so…hehe), i just feel that way you know. Its not like i have been given enough reason not to think that way or feel that way..Oh well!! back to the matter that brought up all this*rme* I NEED IDEAS!!!!


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A phenomenal woman.

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