Taking a walk one beautiful morning, an amused looking guy walked up to me and said “you always walk like you are on a runway”.
Shocked that I had been watched all, I turned and replied”life it self is a runway…”.The guy walked away looking
looking more confuse than he did before he approached me. I couldn’t blame him though because i still don’t understand how andImage
where that answer had come from(laughs)
But come to think of it life really is a runway…Its like in a fashion show, there are all sorts of people. There’s the fashion designer,
who’s sole purpose is to create from his/her imagination something really beautiful and attractive. Then the model, who’s part is to
exhibit that particular work in such a way that it would be alluring and appealing to the public or audience whichever. Come in the group of people
that are there to appreciate the work, they are fascinated and impressed by it and are also very excited to have any connection to it. Next in are the critics.
Now this group of people by their name, it’s self  explanatory what they do . Their  main objective is to ridicule and make rubbish of the work, nothing
pleases them. They dont care about the amount of time and effort that had been put in by the designer, they would go to any length to make the show itself a disaster!
Last but not the least is the “i dont care ” sort, you know people that are there to fill up space and eat all the food(rolling my eyes).These ones are indifferent as to whatever is going on, they are neither here not
there. Whether the work turns out a success or not has nothing to do with them.
What exactly am i saying in essence you may ask?(wait for it….) You as a human, have been created and designed fearfully, wonderfully, with loads of potentials
and in life there are people that would love to  see you become a force to reckon with,they would even do anything to help make you succeed. While there are others
that wont rest until they see your downfall, infact that would be their utmost pleasure. There are also others who dont care, whether you fail or succeed or
is your problem not theirs, they just watch…… But you wanna know the most important and probably the best part of all these ?? its YOU, yes YOU! the WORK
You are what you say you are, what you decide you are. No one else has the right to make to you live a successful and happy life.
You are all that matters, because at the end in a fashion show the work sells it self……

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A phenomenal woman.

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